Two Must Ask Questions To Answer When Picking Out Your New Squarespace Template

One question that we get a lot from our clients is "What template should I choose?" Squarespace has done a great job at providing great templates to work with, the problem that most users find is they are overwhelmed with choosing just one.

That is why it is important to take your time when you are deciding which template you would like to use. The good news is that luckily you can switch at any time, but in order to save time, it would be best to choose one that will match every one of your needs.

With all of this in mind, the Brad Good team put together a couple questions to ask yourself before picking your new template. Let us know your favorite templates in the comment section below!

Question 1: What is the main goal of your website?

If you are an e-commerce store, your main goal will be to sell your products. This means you will need to pick a template that best matches how you would like to display your products.

If you are a blogger, you will need to pick a template that includes a blog sidebar (Not all do, but there are custom plugins that you can add for that!)

If you are an artist or designer, you will most likely want to display your images on your website, so picking a template that focuses on visuals will be important.

The main takeaway from this question is that once you have a goal in mind, you will be able to browse through the Squarespace templates at ease and only look at the ones that align with your website goals.


Question 2. What are your must-have website features?

Now that you have your website goal picked out, finding a template that includes the features that you would like added to your website would be the next step.

Blog: If you are a blogger and want to have a sidebar, promoted blocks, featured posts, etc. it is best to look at Squarespace's blog feature guide so that you can pick the template that aligns best with your needs.

Gallery/Photos: Fortunately, you can add a gallery to any template using Squarespace's gallery block widget, however, some templates include unique designs such as full-width galleries, etc. For a full rundown, check out Squarespace's Gallery Block vs. Page guide.

E-commerce: Every template includes a shop function, however only some templates have a unique store design which are solely meant for e-commerce websites. If your main website goal is to sell products, make sure you are selecting an e-commerce template that fits your needs.

Navigation Bar: All templates come with navigation, but some are designed differently on how you would like to display your nav links. This is an important feature that a lot of clients look past. Have a navigation layout in mind before working on a template.

Mobile Navigation: One of the most overlooked features when selecting a template is seeing how the mobile navigation will be displayed. When selecting a new template, take a look at all of the mobile styles each one has to offer on Squarespace's Advanced mobile styles guide.

Lastly, now that you have your website goal in mind and list of must-have features, it is time to browse Squarespace's templates and pick the one that best matches your needs! However, if you end up picking a template that you find out isn't the perfect match, that is okay too. Like we mentioned before, Squarespace allows you to preview and switch templates. However, make note of any custom CSS code or features that you added as they won't be transferred over when you make the switch. 

If you still have questions or need help choosing your template, please drop a comment below and we will gladly assist!