March 2018 Squarespace Product Updates

December 2017 Squarespace Product Updates

Every week as a Squarespace Circle Member (sign-up if you regularly build client websites) we get the latest product updates sent to our email. We realized that even though this community is growing, there are a lot of other Squarespace users that don’t get these updates, so the Brad Good team wanted to compile the most important changes every month in a easy to read blog post.

If you are wondering about all of the new updates Squarespace released in March, read more below!


Week: February 26 to March 4.

Squarespace support for domains

Continuing Squarespace’s focus on internationalizing Squarespace, in the next week, Squarespace will begin supporting domains. This includes purchasing directly from Squarespace and transferring in existing domains.

Template family search

You can now search the Squarespace template store by family, For example, searching “brine-family” will display all the Brine variants, helping clients understand the full range of each template’s capabilities.

Here’s the full list of template family search terms:

  • aviator-family
  • bedford-family
  • brine-family
  • farro-family
  • montauk-family
  • skye-family
  • tremont-family
  • york-family


Week: March 5 to March 11.

Limited Use Discounts

Squarespace is releasing an improvement to help merchants mitigate the risk of overused discounts. With a setting for "one per customer" and ways to define the total number of uses, this feature will allow for greater control when creating discounts.

Product Export

The new product export for Squarespace Commerce enables merchants to export their products into a .csv file to upload to third parties, or save a copy for their own records. You can import products to Squarespace from a product export file, but note that our .csv product importer will create new products on one page, rather than updating existing products across many pages.

reCAPTCHA in Developer Mode

Squarespace added a reCAPTCHA field to the Developer panel. Customers who want to turn on Developer Mode will need to pass the reCAPTCHA first. You’ll only need to do this once, unless you turn Developer Mode off and want to to turn it back on again.

Updates to Commerce Cart

Squarespace made behind-the-scenes updates to the Commerce Cart to speed up loading times for the cart and checkout pages and pave the way for additional features to come.

These updates introduce changes that may break existing customizations, including:

  • Cart sections that were inserted into other pages.
  • Customizations that relied on cart selectors since some classnames have changed.


Week: March 19 to March 25.

Squarespace en français

Last week, Squarespace achieved another milestone their our internationalization efforts and launched a fully-translated French Squarespace platform. This includes:

  • French version of our front site and template store.
  • Internationalization support for built-in visitor-facing text on all Brine template variants, 15 of which have French demo content.
  • Fully translated backend text of all sites in a Squarespace account, including all panels, block editors, settings, error messages, transactional emails, etc.
  • French KB guides and French-language email customer support.

This sets the stage for their next three languages, (German, Italian, Portuguese). Interested in helping Squarespace stress test future languages? Sign up for their internationalization beta here.


GDPR and Squarespace

As many of you know, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is set to go into effect on May 25, 2018. Squarespace's new GDPR and Squarespace guide covers some of what Squarespace is doing to comply with GDPR and points you should be aware of as a Squarespace site owner or designer.