Squarespace Email Campaigns Overview

Squarespace email campaigns are new, but definitely a great email marketing tool that you can use for your business instead of MailChimp or a similar competitor.

With Squarespace’s integrated Email Campaigns feature, you can send on-brand emails as beautiful as your website. Email Campaigns can help you:

  • Email more efficiently - Update your site and send campaigns within the same interface. Pull content like your site logo and blog posts directly into your emails.

  • Enhance your brand - Craft campaigns that are a seamless extension of your site and brand.

  • View more analytics - Integrated analytics give you a more holistic understanding of your subscribers and site visitors.

Before you begin


For a limited time, Email Campaigns is available for free to all current Squarespace customers. This period is called Early Access.

During Early Access, you can send up to 50,000 campaigns per month. For example, if your mailing list has 5,000 subscribers, you could send each of them 10 campaigns.

When Early Access ends, everything you've done will be saved, and you can continue creating drafts and mailing lists, but you'll need to purchase Email Campaigns to send campaigns.

Email Campaigns dashboard

To open the Email Campaigns dashboard:

  1. Log into your site.

  2. In the Home Menu, click Marketing.

  3. Click Email Campaigns.

Set up your profile and mailing lists

Before you can send email campaigns, you need at least one mailing list and a sender profile.

A mailing list is a collection of email addresses. Visit Building a mailing list to create one.

A sender profile is the email address and name that your subscribers see in the From: line of the email. Visit Creating a sender profile to get started.

Help visitors subscribe

After creating a mailing list, it's a good idea to add places on your website where people can subscribe to it.

One popular option is to add a Newsletter Block to the site's footer, which creates a built-in subscription form. For more suggestions, see their list of options.

Send blast or automated campaigns

Blast campaigns are single campaigns that you send to one or more mailing lists. For example, you might send a blast campaign to let your subscribers know about an upcoming event. To create one, visit Building an email campaign.

Automated campaigns send automatically in response to a visitor's action. For example, you might create one that sends a welcome email when someone subscribes to your list. To learn more, visit Sending campaigns automatically.

Track results

After you've sent an email campaign, use their built-in analytics tools to see how it performed, and review who unsubscribed from your list.

Learn more

For more help, visit their Email Campaigns FAQ or troubleshooting guides.