January 2019 Squarespace Product Updates

December 2017 Squarespace Product Updates

Every week as a Squarespace Circle Member (sign-up if you regularly build client websites) we get the latest product updates sent to our email. We realized that even though this community is growing, there are a lot of other Squarespace users that don’t get these updates, so the Brad Good team wanted to compile the most important changes every month in a easy to read blog post.

If you are wondering about all of the new updates Squarespace released in January, read more below!

Week: December 24 to January 6 

Panel Navigation Improvements

Squarespace made the following improvements to the editing experience based on your feedback:

  • The URL slug field is back in the Basic tab of Page Settings.

  • The option to disable Promoted Blocks is now in Design > Template Settings.

  • Custom CSS was bumped up a level in the Design panel. It was previously under Design > Advanced.

  • To add custom Adobe Fonts, go to Settings > Advanced > External API Keys.

More Email Campaign Automation Tools

You can now delete automations in Email Campaigns, and each automation has its own Analytics.


The Squarespace help site is constantly updated with new information you can browse, use to troubleshoot, and get ideas for your own client education content. Here’s a sample of recent changes:

Week: January 7 to January 13

Global Template Store Improvements

Template stores in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese now have example customer sites and a prominent search at the top. Squarespace added these features to the English version back in October. 

As an example, here’s Brine’s page in Spanish.

Discontinued Feature: Facebook Tabs

Facebook Tabs, the integration that allowed you to embed pages from a Squarespace site into tabs on a Facebook Page, was removed from the platform last week.

The Facebook Tabs integration wasn’t widely used and was unreliable at times. The benefits of letting it go outweighed the benefits of maintaining it. By retiring Facebook Tabs, Squarespace can continue building new marketing features that provide the most value to our customers.

Any existing Squarespace tabs left in Facebook Pages might be blank. To fix the issue, follow Facebook’s directions on removing tabs and apps

Marketing Panel Polishes

There are a few subtle navigation improvements in the Marketing panel:

  • Ad Tracker is now called URL Builder.

  • For better organization, menu items are grouped under Discovery, Engagement, and Promotion sections.

Week: January 14 to January 20

Video Backgrounds Now Play On Mobile

Thanks to recent updates to iOS and Android operating systems, video backgrounds can now play on mobile. We recommend adding a mobile fallback image just in case, since that will display on slower connections or older devices that don’t support video playback. Like other imagery areas in Squarespace, there’s some expected cropping so the videos best fit on mobile displays.

Zapier Form Storage Improvements

By popular demand, you can now add Zapier as the only storage option for the following forms, even while the connection is set to pending:

  • Form Blocks

  • Newsletter Blocks

  • Cover Page forms

Additionally, you can start the connection to Zapier directly from the form’s storage tab instead of being directed to our help guide first. For detailed steps, visit Adding form integrations with Zapier.

Retired Adobe Fonts

Adobe retired the following fonts from their subscription library last week. If a site is already using a retired font, it’ll continue to display. However, once you change the font, you can’t go back to using the retired font:

  • Chemist

  • Chemist Rough

  • Couture

  • Couture Sans

  • Daniel

  • Fanwood Text

  • Intruder Alert

  • Junction

  • League Script No 1

  • Lobster

  • Luxi Sans

  • Luxi Serif

  • Molengo

  • New Cicle

  • Nobile

  • Prociono

  • Puritan

  • saxMono

  • Silkscreen

  • Simply Mono

  • Vera Sans

To learn more about how Adobe retires fonts, visit their documentation.

Week: January 14 to January 20

Squarespace Marketplace Is Now Live

Squarespace partnered with 99designs to create the Squarespace Marketplace to help their most experienced and active Circle members connect with and delight even more clients. 

To learn more, see their FAQ for designers or help center guide for potential clients.

Changes To The Account Dashboard

Squarespace made a couple changes to domains on the Account Dashboard:

  • If a user's account doesn't have Owner or Admin permissions for a site, they won't see its domains in the Account Dashboard. This hides the domains from users who can't take action on them.

  • A new Transfer a Domain button takes you to options for moving Squarespace domains to a parking page or existing site.