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Squarespace Specialists, Designers and Developers

Custom Design

World-Class Design Meets Expert Squarespace Development


We design brand experiences in the service of particular business objectives. These experiences are extremely valuable when aiming to deliver a clear strategy. We pair this with Squarespace Expert-level technical execution to give you a complete solution for your business goals.


Your Business

Ultimately, in a world where user experience is becoming a more accessible and everyday expectation, consumers’ demands are rising as are their levels of critique. It is harder to stand out and easier for consumers to reach a point of ‘experience fatigue’. We provide objectivity to the subjective and craft solutions that yield outcomes tied to real business goals. We get it right and deliver beautiful websites in the process.

Expert Development

We are rigorous when writing our code to make sure of its correctness. It is always succinct and readable, so it is easy to understand and maintain. There is a reason Squarespace gave us the title of Experts. We always follow the established standards of the Squarespace platform or project. This leads to faster code that ultimately achieves technical excellence and maintains the highest standards.



We strategize with you and think about what the takeaway should be when people leave your website. That ranges from: “This is the lifestyle I want”, or “This brand understands me”, or “This brand genuinely cares about what it does”, just to name a few of the many options. In order to do that, we ask if it is in service to the brand or in service to the event itself. We also consider what, if any, strategy needs to be fulfilled. We apply strategic rigor when evaluating the merits of business goals. Is the effort useful for the brand? Is it worthy of the brand? Will it strengthen the brand? And, therefore, is it a good use of available resources? Obviously, the design will be aesthetically pleasing, but it is the solutions that drive company success. Our design process does exactly that.

How we define Design

Most people understand design as a visual representation of a product or service, but that doesn't quite encompass what design truly is. Where, what, and how you innovate, are all design problems. Design is so much more than aesthetics. Design is problem solving.

Design is the catalyst for innovation and productivity. It allows for rapid ideation and bringing ideas to market. When you make use of design thinking, you allow for strategic discussion that will bring purpose to your goals to create the growth all companies desire. Your participation is welcomed during this process. Collaboration is always encouraged. We put together multi-disciplinary teams to ensure we get a wide range of ideas and converge on the best ones to focus our efforts.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking turns your strategy into a road map. People will have a deep connection to your strategy once they can visualize why you chose this route and where you are attempting to go with it. Design Thinking is a discipline that uses a designer’s sensibility to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible. It takes a viable business strategy and converts it into customer value and market opportunity.


The Process

In any business, there are always several suggestions for ideas and features that can be described as essential features of the user’s experience. When designing and developing new products and processes, most organizations aren’t sufficiently rigorous in defining the problems they’re attempting to solve and articulating why those features are important.

Without that rigor you may miss opportunities, waste resources, and end up pursuing initiatives that aren’t aligned with your business goals and desired outcomes. We like to challenge some of these ideas in a positive and collaborative environment to ensure the project doesn’t go down one path only to realize in hindsight that it should have gone down another. Similarly, we wouldn’t want to deliver a seemingly breakthrough result only to find that it can’t be implemented or that it addressed the wrong problems. Throughout our process, we remain engaged in order to become better at asking the right questions, so that together, we can tackle the right problems and craft the right solutions.

Design Process

The Five Stages of Design 


Through our Design Thinking process, we will analyze your ideas, share some of our own, and together we will brainstorm fresh ideas that may lead to better, more refined alternatives for achieving your business goals.


01. Empathize

Good design is grounded in a deep understanding of the person(s) for whom we are designing. We have many techniques for developing this sort of empathy. What we aim to achieve here is to synthesize our research and observations, so that we can draw out unexpected insights.

02. Define

The goal of the Define mode is to craft a meaningful and actionable problem statement – this is what we call a point-of-view. This will be a guiding statement that expresses our insights and focuses on the needs of a particular user type. In a word, the Define mode is sensemaking.

03. Ideate

In this phase we begin to ideate in order to transition from identifying problems to creating solutions for your customers. Ideation is our chance to combine the understanding we have of the problems and people we are designing for with our imagination to generate solution concepts.


04. Prototype

With ideas in hand, we now have to create the visualization layer to bring them to life. Our prototypes will be an opportunity to iterate quickly and cheaply. Committing as few resources as possible to each idea means less time and money invested up front. We want to test possibilities and challenge our ideas.

05. Design

Solutions in hand, we can now begin adding beauty to the utility. In this final design phase, we will produce design compositions that give these prototypes and workflows the visual appeal a user will need to complete their experience with your web application. 


Squarespace As Your Technical Infrastructure


Squarespace is a content management system that provides the flexibility and scalability you obtain with custom built software. Squarespace also provides the lowest total cost of ownership and will allow us, collectively, to innovate fastest in bringing new solutions to your organization and your users.


Content Administration and Marketing 

A game changer for most companies is the administrative controls it grants to content managers and marketers. Squarespace has many built-in capabilities that we will configure for your administrative workflows, internal governance standards, and any policies you may have. During the design phase, our engineering resources will consult with you to identify content administration requirements, discuss how Squarespace can support those and incorporate these discoveries into our design documentation.


Squarespace is mobile optimized (responsive), and therefore accessible on different devices or different screen sizes. From an administrator and end user’s point-of-view, Squarespace is device agnostic. From a big screen to a little screen, things look different. Images change sizes, menu items become drop-downs, columns are pushed around to locations that make sense with content having the supreme real-estate.



There are many plugins available for Squarespace for free and paid plugins usually offer a full-time support staff and developers that work on maintaining the security and compatibility of plugins with the latest version of Squarespace. Most of the time plugins play nicely with Squarespace and with other plugins, but sometimes a plugin’s code will get in the way of another plugin, causing compatibility issues. We have the in-house talent to remedy this and also build custom plugins for your business. If you can imagine it, chances are, we can build it.

Our Value

We Have The Talent, Capabilities And Experience To Deliver Breakthrough Results


Our responsibility is clear. Understand your vision. Define your vision. Create value through ideation while making sure we preserve all the purpose and intent so that the people who come to your website also see that vision and can easily resolve this in their minds. We will always identify the business value behind every decision. Understand the relationships and connections between people, your business and company culture. Solve pre-identified user needs and craft the user’s experience with your business goals. 


Our Value To Your Organization

Understanding, empathy, and problem solving with beautiful, immersive interfaces and experiences as the outcomes. We want to challenge ourselves to deliver the best possible outcomes. Our strategy is never vague or impossible to execute nor is it complicated. We make decisions that align with the company strategy. These are the heuristic skills needed today to design for the future of your organization.


While the underlying technology enables, it is really design that establishes your business and services in people’s lives. We treat design as important as software development. You can have the most amazing software in the world, but if it’s not put into the form of what is most useful and desirable to your users, you will not succeed. We help ensure that success.

Common Integrations

3rd Party Integrations


Third-party integrations are becoming an essential ingredient to streamline your business operations and retain customers. People are looking for more ways to streamline their work or lives, so they look for tools which integrate with what they already use. We integrate solutions that maintain business practices and optimize others. Let us consult with you and implement a solution that provides measurable gains for your organization. Below are some common integrations we have made for our clients: