November 2018 Squarespace Product Updates

December 2017 Squarespace Product Updates

Every week as a Squarespace Circle Member (sign-up if you regularly build client websites) we get the latest product updates sent to our email. We realized that even though this community is growing, there are a lot of other Squarespace users that don’t get these updates, so the Brad Good team wanted to compile the most important changes every month in a easy to read blog post.

If you are wondering about all of the new updates Squarespace released in November, read more below!

Week: October 29 to November 4

Postal Code Shipping

Following up on the state-specific shipping zones release from July, you can now create shipping options limited to specific Zip Codes (United States) and Postal Code FSAs (Canada). Online stores now have more control over where they ship or deliver products, allowing for options like:

  • In-store pickup or delivery limited to specific Zip Codes

  • Delivery prices by Zip Code

  • Limited shipping or delivery of perishable goods

Postal Code Shipping is available on the Commerce Advanced plan, for Flat Rate and Depending on Weight options. To learn more, visit Creating shipping zones.

Analytics improvements

Squarespace made a handful of Analytics improvements:

  • Google Search Keywords is now in the iOS app.

  • The Device drop-down menu was removed because customers barely used it. You can still get a breakdown of visitor data by device in Traffic Overview, Sales Overview, and the Device card in the Analytics mobile app.

  • The 30 days date filter now actually shows results from the last 30 days. It previously showed 31 days.

  • Date options like Last week and Last two weeks are now called Last 7 days and Last 14 days.


Week: November 5 to November 11

Menu And Panel Changes

To help you and your clients better navigate Squarespace’s editing tools, Squarespace reorganized the menus found in the left panel. After a few weeks in Circle Labs, the changes are live for all customers. Key points to know:

Automated Welcome Emails

In Squarespace Email Campaigns, you can now automatically send Welcome Emails to new subscribers. This automation is popular for sending exclusive content, offering discounts for signing up, and sharing what subscribers can expect from you in the future.

Automation has been a highly requested feature for Email Campaigns since its launch earlier this year, and the Welcome email is just the start.

To learn more, visit the help guide Sending email campaigns automatically.

Email Campaigns Improvements

In addition to Welcome Emails, other features and enhancements went out last week:

  • Undo or redo changes in the email composer

  • See who opened or clicked specific links in a campaign and how often each link was clicked

  • Search subscribed, unsubscribed, and cleaned lists for specific addresses. Learn more in the Circle guide to Email Campaigns.

Subscription Products

Subscription products are now live for all sites on the Commerce Advanced plan. Merchants and Circle members have long asked for an option to sell items paid for on a recurring basis, and now you no longer need to rely on other services.

Week: November 12 to November 18

Create Trackable URLS

Use the Ad Tracker tool in the Marketing panel to create unique URLs that are tracked individually in the Traffic Sources panel. These links show how many times visitors clicked through to the page, and any revenue generated during their visit. This is useful for measuring the success of specific ad campaigns all from your Squarespace site, without relying on third-party link shortening services.

This feature is available in the Website Business, Commerce Basic, and Commerce Advanced plans.

Traffic Alerts In Squarespace Analytics On Desktop

Traffic alerts are now available in Traffic Overview on desktop, following the release on the iOS app in October. With traffic alerts, you'll see notes in the Traffic Overview graph for spikes or dips in traffic, and insights into what caused them. For example, it can detect if you get a significant bump in traffic from a Facebook post.

This feature uses a machine learning technology called “anomaly detection” to identify statistically significant changes. It will improve over time as it collects data. This feature is available on Business Plans and above and will be coming to the Android app soon.

To learn more, visit the Traffic alerts help guide.

More Email Opt-Out Opportunities For Our EU Customers

Anyone who signs up for a new Squarespace account in the European Union will see a new option to opt out of general marketing emails from Squarespace.

Week: November 19 to November 25

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Squarespace customers on Commerce plans can now run Facebook Dynamic Ads for their products. Using insights from Facebook Pixel, it automatically creates and shows people personalized ads for products in your inventory they're more likely to purchase. For more information and help with setup, visit the Facebook Dynamic Ads help guide

Popular Content Analytics Design Refresh

This long-standing Analytics panel got a facelift:

  • For clearer comparisons of your top pages, we replaced the pie chart with a bar chart.

  • Previously, the panel only showed one month of data, but now you can go back as far as when you created the site.

Removed Google + From Connected Accounts

Since Google is retiring Google+, Squarespace ended our integration with this social network. You and your clients will no longer be able to add Google+ as a connected account, social icon, or social sharing option.