June 2019 Squarespace Product Updates

December 2017 Squarespace Product Updates

Every week as a Squarespace Circle Member (sign-up if you regularly build client websites) we get the latest product updates sent to our email. We realized that even though this community is growing, there are a lot of other Squarespace users that don’t get these updates, so the Brad Good team wanted to compile the most important changes every month in a easy to read blog post.

If you are wondering about all of the new updates Squarespace released in June, read more below!

Week: May 28 - June 2

Expanded RSS Feeds For Podcasts

On May 28, Squarespace added a Blog Page setting that increases the RSS feed limit for podcast syndication to 300 posts/episodes. With this setting, podcast subscribers can see the 300 most recent episodes, which is the maximum number of episodes that Apple Podcasts supports. 

Learn more about this new setting in the Circle announcement and in their podcasting guide.

Appointment Scheduling Block Available On All Plans

As of May 30, the Appointment Scheduling Block is no longer a premium feature. You and your clients will still need to sign up for an Acuity plan separately, but all Squarespace sites can use the block. 

Learn more about using the Appointment Scheduling Block in their guide.

Week: June 3 - June 9

Commerce Inventory API

On June 6, Squarespace released the Inventory API to all customers using the Commerce Advanced plan. Thank you to all Circle members who participated in the beta and submitted feedback! 

With this new API, third-party developers can build apps that sync inventory levels between a merchant’s Squarespace store and sales channels, such as Amazon and Etsy. You can also use it to sync inventory with warehouses, so stock levels are up to date with new sales, stock replenishments, or damaged goods. 

You and your clients will find this option in the Advanced panel under Squarespace API Keys. Learn more about using API Keys in their Help guide.

Product Variant Images Early Access

All Circle members have early access to Product Variant Images in Circle Labs. With this feature, merchants can assign specific images to individual product variants. Read more about it in the announcement post. 

This is one of the most commonly requested features for Squarespace Commerce, and we're eager to hear your feedback.

Secondary Navigation Is Now Footer Navigation

In the Bedford, Marquee, and Pacific templates, Squarespace renamed the "Secondary Navigation" area to "Footer Navigation." This makes more sense for these three template families, since the navigation displays at the bottom of the site. 

Read more about the templates that use Secondary and Footer Navigations in their Help guide.

Discounting The Blog App

Squarespace removed the Blog App from the App Store and Google Play on June 4 and emailed all customers who are still using the app. Beginning July 1, they’ll stop supporting the Blog App completely and it will no longer work if it's installed on a device. 

As an alternative, try the Squarespace App, which is now available on iPhones and iPads. They’re currently testing a beta version of the Squarespace App for Android, which you can register for here.

Week: June 10 - June 16

.DE Domains

As part of our focus on internationalizing Squarespace, we now support purchasing, transferring, and connecting .de domains to a Squarespace site. Note that this TLD has some differences from the other TLDs we offer, like no Whois privacy or domain locking, and requires a German address at registration. 

Review all .de details in our Help guide, which you can read in English or German.

New Email Campaign Features

This week we launched two new features in Email Campaigns: mailing list analytics and personalization using mail merge.

  • Use mailing list analytics to track the growth of a mailing list over time and visualize subscriber growth, organic growth, and unsubscribed rates. You’ll find this in the Mailing Lists panel within Email Campaigns. Learn more in our Help guide.

  • With the personalization option, you and your clients can personalize campaigns with subscribers’ names. Use mail merge tags to add the Subscriber Name or Subscriber First Name in the body of a campaign. Learn more in our Help guide.

Support For More Page Types In Squarespace App Support

The Squarespace App now supports creating new Blog, Gallery, and Index Pages, plus folders and external navigation links. The latest update also includes some bug fixes and other minor improvements. 

Update the app to version 1.2 to see all the latest features.

Business Information Panel Update

We moved these fields from the Business Information panel in Settings to the Header & Footer panel under Commerce > Customer Notifications:

  • Business Name

  • Address

  • Tax Registration ID

These settings are now in more relevant areas of the platform, making them easier to find.

Week: June 17 - June 23

Product Variant Image

On June 18 Squarespace released product variant images to all plans that support selling products. With this release, you can assign a specific image from a product’s gallery to a specific variant.

This has been a frequent feature request and they’re excited to finally make it available! Thank you to everyone who tested the feature and gave them feedback during Early Access.