Enliven Your Small Business with These Simple Web-Based Projects


The web has become an integral part of life and business for people all around the world. Failing to embrace its capabilities can be damaging for businesses of all types, and it’s safe to say that companies who ignore its importance will get left further and further behind in the years to come. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a computer wiz or have a deep budget to take advantage of the web. If you’re looking for ways to enliven your small business, consider these practical web-based projects:

Shoot a video.

The bar has been raised for promoting products and services, and these days, many consumers expect multimedia from companies. The good thing is that you can make creative promotional videos for your company and distribute them for free through YouTube. Using YouTube as the main platform, you can also post the videos on your website and on all your social media pages, which will help them to circulate and get more views.

It’s important to keep in mind that straightforward ads are not enough to impress consumers. You will need to create unique, entertaining content that is still related to your industry.

Provide transcripts.

If you decide to make videos, there’s something else to consider: transcripts. Providing transcripts on your video and audio content will help hearing-impaired visitors to follow along. As you create more and more content, you’ll realize how time-consuming it can be to transcribe, which is where speech-to-text automated transcription comes in. There are automated transcription services that can produce accurate transcriptions in a matter of minutes. To get the most accurate transcript, make sure to reduce background noise and to speak clearly.

Blog it up.

Along with videos, your website should have a blog. Your blog should contain written content that is relevant to your business, but it should also show your audience some of the personality that goes behind your brand.

Many companies who have a blog on their website have realized it helps them to establish clout in the industry, connect with new and existing customers, and enhance SEO optimization, among other benefits. It’s important to note that your blog will only be helpful if you update it frequently; posting three articles a year won’t produce many benefits.

Utilize social media.

One of the best ways to gain exposure for your business is through social media. In many ways, social media can fulfill the role that traditional word-of-mouth advertising once did. When you post on Instagram or Facebook, for instance, other users are free to share your post with their friends or on their profiles. So, if you regularly post interesting content, this can quickly get the word out for your business. Additionally, you can advertise through social media sites, as well as connect directly with customers (e.g., using Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct).

Register on listing services.

Another practical way to use the web for your business is to register on listing services like Google My Business, Bing Places, and Aabaco. Have you ever done a web search for nearby restaurants or clothing stores? The businesses that pop up are all registered on a listing service. Registering for one of these services is typically a free, simple, and quick process, and it will help to expose more people to your business through web searches and mapping services.

If you want to liven up your small business, start taking advantage of the web. Make creative videos that promote your company, and include transcripts with all your video and audio content. Start a blog on your website and use social media for everything it’s worth. Finally, register your business on a listing service to reach more potential customers. There are many ways the web can help your business, and incorporating some of these tips is a great place to start.

Photo Credit: Burst