Client Testimonial: CoCo Hospitality

CoCo Hospitality Brad Good

The Brad Good team has had the honor and privilege to work with hundreds of brands and businesses who for one reason or another decided to hire us to accomplish their Squarespace goals. 

For this new series, the Brad Good team interviews our past clients to see exactly why they hired us and how they felt about their experience. The first interview of this series features CoCo Hospitality, a Baltimore based events and hospitality business. Check out their website here.

How did you discover Brad Good's Services?

We discovered Brad Good through Squarespace's recommended design services

What made you want to reach out to Brad Good for assistance on your website?

In every aspect of our business, we are very hands on. We go to extraordinary lengths to present a product to our clients that aligns with our tastes, so choosing a developer that we felt shared our vision was important. We really enjoyed the Brad Good home site's use of different media integrated into the page (i.e. video headers) as well as how it felt like a custom website rather than a template. 

What was your experience like working with Brad Good? Would you recommend his services to a friend or colleague?

Working with Brad Good and more specifically Max has been a phenomenal experience. The process from the first call to project completion has felt very fluid and organic. We were able to voice our vision and filter it through Max's experience and expertise to create a beautiful website that is also a powerful marketing tool. We would absolutely recommend his services! 

Could you please explain a little bit about your business and how Brad Good helped you achieve your goals?

CoCo Hospitality specializes in providing backstage hospitality to touring musicians (fulfilling green room riders) as well as designing VIP spaces. We are hyper focused on providing a world class experience for our A-List clients. Our company is very non-traditional and at times our approach to the services we offer can feel scattered to some. Working with Max at Brad Good has helped us craft a clear cohesive message to present to our potential clients. We feel confident moving forward that we have the right tool to market ourselves properly and in-term helped us define who we are as a company. Thanks!  

Why pick Squarespace over any other platform?

We picked Squarespace because:

A. We listen to a lot of podcasts and finally the ad's drilled it into our heads
B. We wanted to feel that we could have a beautiful website where the ability to edit and update was demystified. We wanted a platform that was accessible and had a built in infrastructure where we could seek additional professional help if needed.